Name: Dinh Quoc Vu

Gender: Male

Year of birth: 1977 in Hoa Binh province

Living and working in Hanoi at present

Art studying process

-1995->1998: graduated from Northwest Culture and Art school

-2000->2005: graduated from Hanoi Fine Arts University

Art activities

-2005: Awarded third prize in competition “Youth’s look” held by Vietnam based French Cultural Center

-2006: Joining “Friendship” group exhibition

-2007: Displaying paintings at Studio in Groningen-Holland

-2009: Displaying paintings at "galerie van strien"-Holland

            Group Show in Hanoi with Artist Ta Dinh Khiem

Paintings in private collections in America, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Singapore and Vietnam

Opinion on Art

My art is the lifetime. The lifetime is originated from the unconscious, the lifetime is abstract, or the lifetime belongs to visible conformation. I always keep trying to work constantly and frequently so as to enrich the spirit and perfection of my own artworks