Nguyen Huu Ngoc

NHN 24, 88x60 cm

NHN 21, 80x107 cm

NHN 23, 60x88 cm

NHN 20, 80x66 cm


Artist   : Nguyen Huu Ngoc

Born    :  1940

        He was Graduated from Fine Art Graphic Faculty at Art University in Moscow in 1974.

        He was a Professor at Hanoi Academy of Theatre and Cinema from 1980 to 2001.

        He was in charge in Faculty of theatre, Film & Animation from 2001, he was retired and being a freelancer teacher at his University.


His works of art have been reported in several exhibitions in Vietnam and abroad:

Exhibition by young painters in Moscow, 1971.

Mr. Nguyen Huu Ngoc has won a silver medal from the 1990 at Art National Exhibition.

Exhibition “Creation by Vietnam” in Paris, November 1991.

Exhibition “Peace of Vietnam in art” in Washington, January 1992.

His one man exhibition in Hanoi, March 1993.

Exhibition “Nine painters born at Dragon age”, Hanoi, April 2008

His paintings are also found in many private collections abroad.

Apart from that, he is still working for his own painting workshop.