Nguyen Quang Huy

NQH 118, 100x100 cm

NQH 127, 100x100 cm

NQH 122, 100x100 cm

NQH 108, 100x100 cm


Name: Nguyen Quang Huy

Gender: male

Born 1971 in Ha Tay / North Vietnam

1991 -1996 studied at the Hanoi Fine Art University  in Hanoi

1996  artist in residence at  Artist unlimited e.V. Bielefeld, Germany

1997  grant of the vietnamese and schwedish culture Foundation

  1. artist in residence at Casula Powerhouse Art Center Sydney, Australia
  2. artist in residence at Pacific Brigde Gallery Oakland, USA

2005 artist in residence at Huntington Beach Art Center  California USA

2006 artist in residence at Lijang Studio yunnan China


1994  German Embassy Hanoi  „Students of the Fine Art College“ Hanoi Vietnam

1995  German Embassy Hanoi  „Studentsexhibition“ Hanoi Vietnam

1995  Salon Natasha „Young artists - new paintings“, Hanoi Vietnam

1995  College of Fine Art Hanoi „Khoang cach an toan“ Hanoi Vietnam

1995  Substation Singapore „Khoang cach an toan“ Singapore

1995  Kunsthalle Bielefeld „Khoang cach an toan“  Germany

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