Nguyen Tu Nghiem

NTNghiem5,52x74 cm

NTNghiem2,33x47 cm

NTNghiem22,52x75 cm

NTNghiem20,39x58 cm



Born: 1922

Homeland: Nam Dan, Nghe An

Regular training: Finished 4th year at the Ecole Superieure des Beaux-Arts d’Indochine (1941-1945). Graduated in 1952

Successive functions:

- 1945-1946: Member of Nam Dan-Nghe An Liberation Committee

- 1946-1947: Painter of the 3rd Interzone Information service

- 1947-1952: In Charge of the Painting Studio of the Viet Bac Resistance Literature and Arts Union

- 1952-1954: Taught at the Resistance Fine Arts School in Viet Bac

- 1954-1983: Member of the Vietnam Fine Arts Association Executive Committee

- 1954-1960: Taught at the Vietnam Fine Handicraft School (Now Industrial Design College)

- 1961-1962: Cadre of the “Creation” Section of the Vietnam Association of Visual Artists

- From 1982 on: Retired from office, working as independent artist.


- 1985: First Solo Show organized by the Vietnam Association of Visual Artists from March 15 to April 15th, 1985.

- 1986: Solo Show at the Museum of Oriental and Occidental Art in Odessa (Former Soviet Union), sponsored by the Soviet Fine Arts Association and the Vietnam Association of Visual Arts.

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